It’s likely you’ve heard of apprenticeships and are well aware that they’re definitely an option worth considering. There are loads of reasons why you should consider doing an apprenticeship but here are ten ways to know if an apprenticeship is right for you…

1)      Education is great, but it’s not just in the classroom

You love learning but you want to know that what you’re learning is going to be relevant to your career. With an apprenticeship you get to do exactly that! You’ll be learning from the people who know what skills you’ll need in the workplace and then you’ll get to go into the workplace and use them straight away!

2)      Post-school education isn’t for you

All your mates are going but you’re not sure. You’d prefer to enter the workplace now and get your qualifications on the job, moving onward and upward from there. And anyway, you can always visit your mates at uni.

3)      You don’t want to fork out for your degree

You want a degree but you’d rather get working and have your company pay for your degree. In that case, an apprenticeship is hands-down the best option. Depending on what qualifications you already have, you might have to complete an NVQ , HND or similar before moving on to a degree, but either way, it’s a great opportunity to study for a degree you won’t be paying for.

4)      You want to discover the company

An apprenticeship is the ideal opportunity to learn about various departments within a company. You might get rotated automatically as part of your apprenticeship, but if you don’t, there’ll be loads of opportunities to ask to experience different areas of the business.

5)      Job security

When most companies have spent time and money training an apprentice to their standard they’re reluctant to see them go, which means they’ll most likely keep you on after your apprenticeship (yay!). This could be in a full-time role or on the company’s sponsored degree programme where you’ll get to do even more training.

6)      You want an apprenticeship but you don’t want to work in engineering

An apprenticeship could still be right for you as they’re available in all areas now. In fact, apprenticeships are available in 170 industries so you really can take your pick, from media, to technology, to HR, to fashion to finance…the list goes on! Which brings us onto…

7)      You want to work for companies like MediaCom, Capgemini and Sky

You love big companies and you’d love to work for them. You could be an apprentice at MediaCom, Capgemini and Sky, and loads more! “The important thing is to only apply for things that you love, for example those job descriptions that you read through and feel an instant ‘spark, because a real passion shines through your application. You can’t fake genuine passion,” says Gabriele Power, 4Talent Assistant at Channel 4. Also you can find out more about apprenticeships at O2′s webinar and events here.

8)      You’re prepared to work your way up

We’re not gonna lie, you may be on a lower wage to start with but you’ll soon progress through the ranks (and wage brackets) pretty quickly once you’ve been there for a certain amount of time and/or completed certain qualifications.

9)      You want an amazing CV

Doing an apprenticeship means you’ll be experiencing the real working world, constantly learning new skills and working with new people, which is great, but what’s even better is that these are the transferable skills every employer wants! Put these practical and soft skills on your CV alongside your industry-recognised qualifications and you’ll be wanted by every employer in town!

10)   Location, location, location

Like we’ve said, there are LOADS of apprenticeships on offer from LOADS of companies, which means that apprenticeships can be found anywhere in the country (no more considering moving to your nearest big city). Chances are there’s at least a handful available near you so get looking and see where an apprenticeship could take you!

We think apprenticeships are amazing, but don’t just take our word for it! If you want to know more about what apprenticeships are really like, why not meet with some current apprentices from O2? We have spaces up for grabs to meet O2 apprentices on a webinar and at events, so that you can get advice and see what all the fuss is about. There’s limited spaces, so get your skates on and apply today

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